Tips for Kayaking

Traveling on the water is a fun and enjoyable time to spend your time.  Many people will opt for a boat or a raft to take them out on the water but nothing beats a kayak.  With a kayak you have the freedom of a boat but the solidarity of your own personal vehicle.  One great activity is san diego kayak fishing.  When fishing from a kayak you are able to easily glide along the water naturally which doesn’t disturb the fish and other wildlife. 

Dress for the water

When going out onto the water most people will dress for the weather.  This is not the case when going out onto a kayak.  When traveling by kayak you want to dress for the water.  You do this for safety and comfort.  If something were to happen and you were to fall into the water wearing traditional clothing that is not geared for the water could cause you to have a lot of issues.

Learn safety practices

Traveling in a kayak is different than going by boat.  If a kayak tips over, you will need to know how to get out and back to the surface safely.  Before taking a kayak out onto the water by yourself make sure to be informed by a trained professional in all safety procedures.

Know the language of the water

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This skill will take time to learn but with practice you will learn the language of the water.  What this means is when you look at the water it should look like glass.  When you see ripples, waves and other disturbances in the water you can be assured that there is something causing them.  When in a kayak you want to avoid these as much as possible.  Learn where to go and when and your adventure on the water will be fun and enjoyable.